Ontdek Dynamic Island op de iPhone: Functionaliteiten en Gebruikstips

Discover Dynamic Island on the iPhone: Functionalities and Usage Tips

Discover the revolutionary Dynamic Island feature on the latest iPhones. This innovative screen area dynamically adjusts, provides interactive capabilities and is the hub for various act...
Het einde van 2023

The end of 2023

As we have already ended 2023, we look back on the incredible journey we have shared with each of you.
De nieuwe Apple Watch 9
Apple Watch

The new Apple Watch 9

Discover the Apple Watch 9 and its latest features.
iPhone 15: release datum, prijs en specificaties

iPhone 15: release date, price and specifications

Discover the future of the iPhone 15.
WatchOS10: De nieuwste update voor de Apple Watch
Apple Watch

WatchOS10: The latest update for the Apple Watch

WatchOS 10 brings groundbreaking updates to Apple Watch, from advanced health features to creative watch faces, making the Watch more integrated into your daily life than ever befo...
Apple Watch schoonmaken: tips en Tricks
Apple Watch

Cleaning Apple Watch: Tips and Tricks

Discover the secret to effective cleaning and return your Apple Watch to its shiny, original state. Read more!
De energiebesparingsmodus van de Apple Watch uitgelegd
Apple Watch

The Apple Watch's energy saving mode explained

Learn how to extend the life of your Apple Watch battery by making the most of Low Power Mode and following other helpful energy efficiency tips.
iPhone 12: de ultieme gids

iPhone 12: The Ultimate Guide

The iPhone 12 offers timeless design, powerful cameras and water resistance. Despite new models, it remains a durable and stylish choice with impressive performance.
iPhone 11 uitzetten: een complete gids voor alle scenario's

Turn off iPhone 11: A complete guide for all scenarios

This step-by-step guide explains how to turn off, turn on, and troubleshoot the iPhone 11 when it won't turn off.

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