Apple Watch uitzetten: Eenvoudige stappen voor het uitschakelen van je smartwatch

Turn off Apple Watch: Simple steps on how to turn off your smartwatch

Learn how to turn off and turn on Apple Watch to restart Apple Watch or save battery.
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The Apple Watch is a powerful smartwatch that helps you track your daily activities and stay connected. Sometimes it's necessary to turn off your Apple Watch, whether it's to save battery, perform a reset, or just take a break. In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about turning off your Apple Watch. From the process of turning off your Apple Watch to potential issues that can arise, we've broken it down for you.

Can you turn off an Apple Watch?

The short answer is yes. You can turn off your Apple Watch. While the Apple Watch is designed to last all day, there are times when you want your Apple Watch to stop functioning temporarily. This could be to save battery, pause functionality, or just to get some rest. You can also restart the Apple Watch if there is a malfunction.

How do you turn off the Apple Watch?

  1. Find the side button next to the digital crown.
  2. Press and hold the side button for about 3 - 5 seconds.
  3. Now slide the power off slider to the right (watchOS 8 and earlier)
    • For WatchOS 9, tap the power button in the top right corner and slide the power off slider to the right.
  4. If your side button or touch screen is not working normally, you can try a force restart .

If you are still experiencing problems, it is recommended that you contact Apple Support .

Turn off Apple Watch

Turn Apple Watch back on

To turn the Apple Watch back on, you can press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo appear. If the Apple Watch does not start up, place it on the charger. If the smartwatch does not charge, try a different socket and/or a different charger. Of course, preferably use the original charger that came with the Apple Watch. When the battery is almost empty, a red lightning logo will appear that will turn green and charging will begin.

Tip: Read our blog about charging the Apple Watch .

Why won't my Apple Watch turn off?

If your Apple Watch doesn't respond when you try to turn it off, it could be one of the following issues:

  1. Battery issues: Check if your Apple Watch has enough battery power. If the battery is low, the Apple Watch may not turn off. Connect your Apple Watch to the charger and try again.

  2. Software issues: Sometimes software errors can prevent the Apple Watch from responding properly. Try resetting your Apple Watch by holding the side button and Digital Crown until you see the Apple logo. After the reset, you can try turning off your Apple Watch again.

  3. Hardware issues: If none of the above solutions work, there may be a hardware problem. In this case, please contact Apple Support for further assistance.

Turn off your Apple Watch and enjoy!

Turning off your Apple Watch can be useful in several situations. Whether you want to save battery, perform a reset, or just relax, turning off your Apple Watch is easy. Follow the steps we discussed and enjoy the peace and quiet. If you're having trouble turning off your Apple Watch, remember there are always solutions available, such as charging the battery or performing a reset. Now that you know how to turn off your Apple Watch, you're ready to take full control of your smart watch.

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