Welke Apple Watch heb ik?

Which Apple Watch do I have?

Are you also such a proud owner of an Apple Watch, but not sure which version you have? Don't worry, we'll help you find out!

The Apple Watch is one of the most popular smartwatches on the market and offers a wide range of functions for users, from tracking fitness goals to receiving notifications and controlling smart home devices. But with so many different models released over the years, it can be difficult to determine exactly which Apple Watch you have. In this blog we take a closer look at the different models of the Apple Watch and give you tips to determine which version of the Apple Watch you own. Whether you are a seasoned Apple Watch user or just starting to use this smartwatch, this blog will help you learn more about your Apple Watch.

Which Apple Watch do I have? The 4 steps:

To find out which Apple Watch you have, you can follow the following steps on your iPhone:

1. Open the Apple Watch App on your iPhone.
2. In the 'My Watch' tab, go to 'General' and choose 'info'.
3. Go to 'Model' and write down the number. This number starts with the letter A.
4. Check the overview below and find your model!

Which Apple Watch do I have?

Which Apple Watch models are there?

There are many different Apple Watch models, so it is sometimes not clear to guess which Apple Watch you have on your wrist. If you have followed the steps above, you have found your Model number and you can determine which Apple Watch model you have via the overview below.

Fashion model Model number Launch date
Apple Watch Ultra A2622 (49mm) 2022
A2684 (49mm)
A2859 (49mm)
Apple Watch SE A2722 (40mm) 2022
A2723 (44mm)
A2726 (40mm)
A2725 (40mm)
A2855 (40mm)
A2727 (44mm)
A2724 (44mm)
A2856 (44mm)
Apple Watch 8 A2770 (41mm) 2022
A2771 (45mm)
A2772 ( 41mm)
A2773 ( 41mm)
A2857 (41mm)
A2774 (45mm)
A2775 (45mm)
A2858 (45mm)
Apple Watch 7 A2473 (41mm) 2021
A2474 (45mm)
Apple Watch 6 A2291 (40mm) 2020
A2292 (44mm)
Apple Watch 5 A2092 (40mm) 2019
A2093 (44mm)
Apple Watch 4 A1977 (40mm) 2018
A1978 (44mm)
Apple Watch 3 A1858 (38mm) 2017
A1859 (42mm)
Apple Watch 2 A1757 (38mm) 2016
A1758 (42mm)
Apple Watch 1 A1802 (38mm) 2015 / 2016
A1803 (42mm)
A1553 (38mm)
A1554 (42mm)

Apple Watch bands

Of course, at Oblac we also have matching Apple Watch straps for each model:

It is also good to mention that our leather Apple Watch straps are suitable for all Apple Watch models. On the relevant product page of the straps you can select your specific size and color of the Apple Watch, so that the strap fits perfectly on your modern watch.

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