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Turn your desk into a place of inspiration with these leather desk pads. Made of high quality, durable leather that will last for years. With an attractive, modern design, this desk pad brings style and function to your workspace.

Work in style.


Desk pads help you keep all your important papers and messes in one place. This way you will never lose anything again!

Desk pad leather

Protect your workplace in style with the leather desk pad from Oblac. This stylish desk pad is very suitable for the office, but also ideal for use at home on your desk. This way you can always work productively and in style.

What is an Oblac leather desk pad?

The leather desk pad complements a variety of modern desk setups. The desk pad provides an overview of your working environment and at the same time adds an elegant look to your workplace. These large desk pads can be used as a writing surface, mouse pad and much more. The desk pad leather is also very easy to transport, because it can be rolled up very easily. This is very useful if, for example, you work at the office, but also at home. This way you can use the desk pad optimally in both cases.

Features of our leather desk pad

The desk pad leather from Oblac gives a professional atmosphere to your workplace. The desk pad is made from 100% calf leather by our skilled artisans. This ensures that this leather desk mat is made of very strong material. With a smooth surface and stitched edges, it protects the desk from scratches and stains. The leather desk pad has a size of 80 x 40 cm, which ensures that there is enough space for a computer or laptop, mouse and keyboard. In addition, the desk pad has a comfortable smooth surface that feels very nice. This also makes the mouse pleasant to use and easy to move over the mat. All our leather desk pads are packaged in a luxurious tube, making them ideal for giving as a gift.

Varied assortment of Oblac

Oblac not only offers desk pads made of leather, but also has a varied range of leather goods. This is how we think about your working environment, smartphone, smartwatch and travel life. In addition to our office range of leather desk pads, we also offer leather mouse pads and leather coasters. These products are ideal to combine with the desk pads. Oblac's leather coasters are suitable for placing glasses and cups on, creating a beautiful base for a luxurious decoration of your table. The bottom of the coasters are made of such quality that it has an ultimate posture on the table. This also gives it a robust appearance. Check out our favorite timeless leather office and desk setups from Oblac: Desk Pad Leather - Rustic Black / Desk Pad Leather Brown / Leather Pads - Brown / Leather Pads - Black . A timeless workplace upgrade that will never be regretted!

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