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iPhone 12 case leather

Complete your iPhone 12 with a new cover from Oblac. With the iPhone 12 leather case, your style is completed with the high-quality accessory for your iPhone. This makes your iPhone look even more professional and luxurious and it is also protected against fall and water damage. As a nice extra, the iPhone 12 leather case also contains at least 2 compartments for important cards. This way you always have your debit card and public transport card or ID card at hand.

Material of the iPhone 12 case made of leather

The leather iPhone 12 case contains only high quality products. The case is made of full calf leather and is finished with suede on the inside. This protects the cards extra well. The leather forms more and more to your phone, pockets and accessories as the use progresses. This means that the leather phone case can be completely personalized to your use. In addition, our cases are made by true craftsmen. They completely deform the leather by hand into your new iPhone 12 leather case.

Other features of our iPhone 12 cases

In addition to the high-quality leather of the iPhone 12 case, this phone case has a number of other advantages for your phone. For example, the leather iPhone 12 case has at least 2 compartments for important cards. This way you can easily take your debit card, public transport card or ID card with you, without the need for a wallet. In addition, the case protects your iPhone 12 maximally. The leather is water repellent and breaks the fall. As a result, the risk of fall and water damage is limited to an absolute minimum. We advise you to maintain the leather properly, so that your new phone case is of absolute top quality for as long as possible.

iPhone 12 leather cases and more

The leather iPhone 12 cases are not the only leather goods at Oblac. We have various high-quality accessories to take your complete outfit to a new level. How about our leather Apple Watch straps . For the series 1 to 8, Se and Ultra we have the high-quality Apple Watch Straps made of full calf leather available. Do you want to style your office or desk with our high-quality products? Then you can! We have various leather desk pads available. Our pads have the highest quality leather, so that your desk is protected and pimped up in terms of styling.

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