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iPhone 12 Pro cases

View the new collection of iPhone 12 Pro cases (6.1") from Oblac. This new collection of iPhone 12 Pro cases consists of luxurious and functional Flex Covers and Magic Cases, which only use 100% Full-Grain leather. An innovative phone as the iPhone 12 Pro deserves a case that is just as special!

What are Oblac's iPhone 12 Pro cases

The iPhone 12 Pro cases from Oblac are the ideal phone case with a combination of a unique design, ultimate functionality and perfect protection. After all, an iPhone 12 Pro is used frequently every day and that deserves a high-quality phone case. It is important to protect the iPhone 12 Pro as well as possible, but at the same time to keep it user-friendly. This elegant iPhone 12 Pro case is made of the thinnest materials with 100% Full-Grain leather. The light weight and soft surface finish of the iPhone 12 Pro case give the sleek design a personal touch. All iPhone 12 Pro cases offer perfect protection against damage.

Different variants of iPhone 12 Pro cases

Oblac's iPhone 12 Pro cases consist of a new collection of Flex Cover and Magic Case models that are available in multiple leather types and colors. The Magic Case for the iPhone 12 Pro is handcrafted from premium full-grain leather and features a 5-card book cover and a detachable back cover. This way you have 2 covers in 1 and you always have your most important cards available. In contrast, the Flex Cover is a minimalist case made of Full-Grain leather. By using the right materials and card slots, the Flex Cover is lightweight, but also functional. This case has practical card compartments, so you can easily and safely store your Easter. Furthermore, the leather iPhone 12 Pro covers from Oblac are available in several leather and color types.

Top quality leather and different colors iPhone 12 Pro covers

All Oblac iPhone 12 Pro cases are made with love by our skilled artisans. Each case is carefully crafted from the finest materials. We only use 100% top quality leather. This ensures that our iPhone 12 Pro cases are of the best quality. This is our priority! The covers ensure that your Apple iPhone remains completely free of dirt and scratches. Oblac's iPhone 12 Pro cases are available in multiple leather and color options. The Flex Covers for the iPhone 12 Pro are available in the classic colors Cognac Brown and Rustic Black. While the Magic Cases for the iPhone 12 Pro come in cognac brown and antique brown colors.

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