Our story

Our values.

We believe that today's tech products, such as the computer, laptop, smartphone and smartwatch, are the 21st century version of the sword: a tool that anyone can wield and change the world with. We make products to make sure your tech products are there when you need them. And no matter what product we work on, we always return to our core values: world-class quality materials, durability and attention to detail.

The smallest details make the biggest difference

Every detail counts.

In 2016, the idea of ​​Oblac was born. Two good friends founded the Oblac brand with the conviction that the smallest details make the biggest difference. From their passion for tech and the working environment, they started designing modern, practical and high-quality accessories for the working environment, iPhone and iWatch. A combination of elements that most people use every day and therefore a moment to use high-quality craftsmanship for the finishing touch.


Oblac Leather was founded in 2017 with the first product: leather coasters for glasses.

From start to end product

manufacturing process.

At Oblac we work closely with the very best artisans from Istanbul with the aim of creating an unparalleled product that not only makes you work better but also makes you happier at the same time. We use full calf leather which results in a long, natural and durable lifespan. All our products are handmade with an eye for detail and finished with exact precision. A true masterpiece from the hands of an experienced artisan.


Due to our worldwide offer, we have expanded our adventure to Germany. In Germany we also meet our current service, such as fast and free shipping, 100-day cooling-off period and, of course, high-quality products. Visit www.oblac.de .

the future.

What's next for Oblac? We will continue to grow and innovate with new products and designs while staying true to our values. We hope you will join us on our journey.

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